Friday, February 12, 2010

Morning Chat

This video is an example of how my conversations with Dan go these days. He is talking more and more and we love it! On this particular day, we were getting ready to go to a toddlers' playgroup. May I just say that I love the fact that Dan has Scottish toddler friends named Hamish and Angus! :)

New Friends

This morning we had some friends over. In all, we had 3 babies and 3 toddlers running (or sitting) around. We had a great time amidst the chaos! Here are some picures of Dan's new friend, Charlie. Dan LOVES to hug. Charlie wasn't too sure about it but was alright with it in the end :)

Tummy Time

Caleb is getting better and better at pushing up while on his tummy. You'll see the happiness documented in these photos, but keep in mind that these smiles last, oh, a few minutes :) Then, it's tears asking to be turned back over.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Normal evening events....

This video captures what might be seen if one peeked in our windows right before dinner. Dan is energized by an afternoon snooze and ready to go!