Monday, March 28, 2011

Jessica's Visit: Part Two

Jessica took a train from Aberdeen to Inverness on Saturday morning, so I likewise took a bus from Kiltarlity to Inverness to pick her up! We quickly decided to grab a cup of coffee and then make our way to see none other than....the Lock Ness Monster! :) It was great. We took a bus from Inverness to Urquhart Castle (try pronouncing that one!) which is right on Lock Ness. The scenery on the drive was fantastic. We didn't stay long, but long enough to get a good view of famous ''Nessie's'' home. We then made our way back to Inverness for a fun Scottish lunch. We got a quick look at Inverness castle after lunch before we headed to our home in Kiltarlity. The boys met us on our walk to the house and were so excited to see Jessica. The rest of our day is picked up in my other post. The pictures that you see below include the scenery on the way to Lock Ness, Urquhart Castle, and Inverness city landscape. Thanks again, Jessica!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jessica came to visit!!!!

I was SO excited when I heard that my cousin, Jessica, was going to be working in Aberdeen for a few weeks (just 2.5 hours from us!) She came to visit this weekend and I loved every minute of it! Below are some pictures from our time here in Kiltarlty. I also have some pictures of our time in Inverness when she arrived, but I thought I'd put those in a separate post...stay tuned :) We took lots of long walks through the village, saw LOTS of sheep, and even got to take Jessica with us to church this morning. It was great to be able to introduce her to all of the people that we are sharing our lives with here. The pictures below include our house, our church, and lots of scenery on our walks throughout the village. We even had a gorgeous double rainbow yesterday! I hated to see her go, but we just said goodbye about an hour ago. Thanks so much for coming Jessica...the boys are already asking about you!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

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