Sunday, May 18, 2008

Out and About!

I can sit up! (for a little while)

Hard at work with daddy -o!

Dan loves his hands and has developed a new smile that involves wrinkling up his nose...pretty cute.

Dan's first slide! I think I was maybe a bit more excited than he was.

We had a fun time at the park on Saturday afternoon. Dan learned about trees, playgrounds, and grass. He reaction was the usual..."Can I eat them?"

We took Dan to the track and field day for Joe's school. He put on quite a show for the 7th and 8th grade girls who were so excited to see him.

Track and field day with Dad!

Dan with baby Selah. We took a trip to Round Rock to visit my friends Crystal, Becca, and Maegan. There were six kiddos together that day!

Crystal and Dan. Thanks for hosting us Crystal!

Becca and Dan. Dan was having too much fun!

Dan loves to bounce right now so this is the perfect toy for him! (sorry for the angle on these videos...I couldn't figure out how to rotate them).

Monday, May 12, 2008

6 Months Old!

Dan's new favorite item is a coffee mug. I think he sees Joe and I use them so much that he realizes that they MUST be good! If we even so much as walk by him with one, I quickly grab one for him to play with so he doesn't feel left out (and let us clearly know how he feels about it!)

Dan and I had a great Mother's Day together with Daddy. My boys made the day very special!
This is our first attempt to post a video. Dan had his first solid food the other night. He seemed to like it in the beginning, although none seemed to make it into his tummy. However, after this video stopped, grimaces and refusals of the spoon showed us that perhaps he didn't like it as much as we thought. :)