Saturday, July 28, 2012

Two Months Old...


Margot (Joe's mom) came to visit.  We all had such a good time with her here!!!  We went on all kinds of adventures. It was great to have her here and we all miss her.

Our little Daniel Boone.

Make that TWO little Daniel Boones.

So fun!

Brotherly love.

Cute Pie.


Daddy's Girl.

Our little sweetie.

Eilidh's Baptism

Eilidh was baptized a few weeks ago.  It was such a special service.  We are so blessed to have little Eilidh as a part of our family.  God is good.

David came from a church in Inverness to baptize Eilidh. 

Eilidh slept through the WHOLE thing.  I was amazed!  She didn't even wake up when three big handfuls of water were put on her head.  This was a big relief for a mama who was so stressed for time that I showed up to the baptism in my slippers!! :)

After the service.  I caught this HUGE smile. This picture makes me laugh every time I see it.


Sweet Girl.

We had tea/coffe and all kinds of baked goods/sandwiches after the service.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Family time

Lots of hugs and cuddles

Grandpa and Joe took the boys to Abriachan...just a few miles from Kiltarlity.  It has fun trails through the woods and they all had a blast.

Spider boys

A cornflake box turned into a cook mask.  Hats off to Joe!

Three Amigos

Our little girl...

Here is a glimpse into the first weeks of Eilidh's life.  She is surrounded by love, and we are so thankful!

Happy and full :)

Burrito baby

Grandmommy and Grandpa took the boys on adventures during their time with us.  They both loved it!  Here is a pic of Caleb on the bus with Grandmommy.  Too much fun deserves a nap!

Three generations

Look at me, Mom!

Happy with Grandpa

Sweet Pea

One week old.  On our way to a friend's wedding.

Grandpa took the boys to Reelig Glen.  They had a blast exploring.  Grandpa, you're amazing to brave exploring with these two and catching them when they JUMP! :)

I'm a big girl in jeans.


Eilidh Jane Barnard

Eilidh Jane Barnard entered the world on May 19, 2012 weighing 8lbs. 8oz and 21 inches long.  It was a fast delivery with a little bit of drama (we are all fine), and we are all SO excited to have her here.  I am WAY behind on posting to our family blog.  Please forgive me and I will try to catch up quickly. The boys are loving having Eilidh with us.  We had my parents with us Eilidh's first few weeks.  They were such a big help!!!  Here are a few pictures of Eilidh's birthday and coming home....a bit out of order :)

Dan and Caleb love to hold their new sister!

My mom and dad.  They were such a blessing!  AND can you believe they arrive just two hours after I came home from the hospital?!  God is good and his timing is perfect!

Eilidh in the hospital.

The boys seeing Eilidh for the first time.  I loved this!

He's so proud.

She's finally here!

Those first precious moments.