Thursday, September 23, 2010

Growing Boys

The boys are growing and changing so much these days! Caleb is cruising along furniture now and Dan is verbalizing so much more. Here are some fun pictures of my sweeties.


Joe has been working so hard on our wood supply here lately. I'm honestly so proud and thankful. These stacks of wood signify warmth and coziness to us during the cold winters here in Scotland. Dan has been such a good little helper. Daddy will split the logs with the axe and Dan (sometimes) helps stack them up.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rainy Saturday Mornin'

Today was very rainy and Joe was away, so I pulled out a mattress and let the boys jump/bounce to their hearts content. It was a huge success (for Dan at leat...Caleb wasn't too sure). I loved watching Dan jump for about 30 minutes straight!

Note: Caleb has teeth! He is also pulling up to standing...he's so proud!


It's bramble season here (otherwise known as blackberry season to us :) We LOVE this time of year and all of the fruit that it brings. What's so exciting about the bramble is that they grow wildly and there are tons of them all over the village. Dan and I went bramble picking the other morning and found the most delicious patch! We came home full and delighted with our spoils. Here is Dan as he was seen picking away in the fielf...cowboy hat, boots and all. Look closely and you can detect the bits of purple all over his face :)

Hangin' with Dad

Walk around Kiltarlity

Joe took Dan on a walk around Kiltarlity. These are some views on the way to our church (under renovation) and the village hall (where we currently meet for church). Before coming home, Dan says ''hi'' to some cows :)