Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Buddies (my captions don't match up...working on it)

Our two little guys are truly becoming buddies. Now that Caleb is crawling, it is more and more common for us to find them playing together. Caleb loves to laugh at Dan and Dan loves to well, ahem, tackle Caleb :) Usually Caleb doesn't mind and it really is a joy to see them becoming friends. Here are some of their adventures together:

Gone Fishin'

We turned our box into a boat and made fish and fishing poles. It was so fun to sit outside and splash around with the boys :)

Look at me!

Dan's not exactly sure that he's thilled with his fishing pole.

On Sunday afternoon, we took a walk down to the village park. Dan was delighted with his ''big surprise'' to accompany our walk...Mickey Mouse ice cream treats! We've been saving these for a sunny day. We don't know how many more we'll have so we all enjoyed the Sunday treat :)

Swing buddies

New tricks :)

Some cute close-ups...

Monday, August 16, 2010