Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010


Potty Training: This is just too cute (and funny) not to document. It's too cold to run around outside here without a diaper and pants on, so we're taking Aunt Addie's advice and using Daddy's socks to keep Dan warm. It works like a charm! We're in full potty training mode this week. Hopefully we'll have a ''No Diaper Dan'' in the near future :)

Dan's new favorite activity...

Riding his tractor..he can pedal now, watch out!

Joe and Dan saw this amazing rainbow while outside riding Dan's tractor.

A couple Mother's Day photos.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sweet Caleb...

Picnics and Beaches

Yesterday we took a small trip to the Black Isle. Our main destination was Rosemarkie, a small village right on the water with a beach! We had a wonderful time, a nice drive around the Isle, and fun family time together.

Our first stop was to have a picnic at a spot that overlooked the water. Although it is May, it was still prety chilly. Sunny, but chilly!

Mommy and Caleb at our picnic spot. It was WINDY!!!

Daddy and Dan on Rosemarkie beach.

Dan stomping in the waves on the beach. He was so brave and fun to watch!

A bundled Caleb on the beach.

As many Scottish excursions do, we ended our journey with some hot chips!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lambing Season!

Well, I never thought I'd live somewhere that marked the calendar with the arrival of hundreds of baby lambs. Several members of our church have sheep and are very busy right now with the long hours required during lambing season. On the phone the other day with my dad I told him that it was lambing season very nonchalantly. He laughed hard and said, ''Oh yes, of course! Lambing season, how could I forget???'' Haha. I guess I'm becoming very use to living in the country :)

We took a trip up to Joanie's to look at all the lambs. Some are so tiny!

These are our friends David, Joy and their baby Ellie who came to visit us from St. Andrews last weekend. I wish I had a better pictures of all three of them! Joy loves lambs so it was fun to take her to see them.

Trying to pick one up??? OH my!

Here is Joanie with her grandson, Ryan, and Dan.

This Morning's Lesson...

Dan is developing a love for letters. It has become a morning ritual for Joe and Dan to complete the alphabet puzzle immediately following breakfast. This morning Caleb became part of the action as Dan held up letters and ''taught'' him what they were. I couldn't resist some pictures.