Monday, May 17, 2010


Potty Training: This is just too cute (and funny) not to document. It's too cold to run around outside here without a diaper and pants on, so we're taking Aunt Addie's advice and using Daddy's socks to keep Dan warm. It works like a charm! We're in full potty training mode this week. Hopefully we'll have a ''No Diaper Dan'' in the near future :)

Dan's new favorite activity...

Riding his tractor..he can pedal now, watch out!

Joe and Dan saw this amazing rainbow while outside riding Dan's tractor.

A couple Mother's Day photos.

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Holly said...

Hi, Anna - Your boys are growing up so much! I love the potty training picture. Too funny! And you guys look so sweet and happy in the mother's day pics. Glad all is well up there. I'm sure the days feel even longer than they did in May in St A last year. Enjoy! Love to all 4, holly