Monday, June 22, 2009

Cookie Monster

This video makes me smile. For some reason Cookie Monster makes Dan laugh in a way that we rarely hear. Love it!

Dan's grown so much in the past few months! He's running all over the place and becoming more and more social with other little kids. He's getting ready to have a sweet little brother in October!

Summer time!

The weather has been fabulous the past few weeks! We've made our way to the beach numerous times (lately it has been daily) and Dan loves it! We took a bus last week to a small town close to St. Andrews and enjoyed its wonderful beach. It was a bit overcast, but we still had a great time!

Cousins come to visit!!!

Joe's cousins Molly, Laura, Walter and James came to St. Andrews for 2 nights and we had so much fun with them. They are traveling around Europe with a group of friends, so we had the pleasure of meeting all of them and having them in our home as well. Dan was a bit shy at first but he really came out of his shell during their visit. By the time they left he was crying to see them go! We love you guys!