Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well, we're in full swing ''preparing for baby'' mode around here. I just have about four weeks left until my due date, but here is a glimpse into a few things we've done around here the last few weeks. First, we just had a great visit with my cousin, Bart. He is working in Edinburgh this week, so he took a train to Inverness last Saturday. It was great to see him and we had a great visit!

The picture of the group of kiddos is Dan's pre-school class. It's not really that great of a pic, but it was taken at a music festival that they performed in. They won first prize for the song that they did as cowboys and I loved seeing Dan up was so cute to see his class perform.

Dan now loves to have his face painted. He had been asking for me to do it alot and I finally caved in the other day. Both boys became tigers (the one face I can do with confidence :) They had a blast reading in their den and eating their snack just like a tiger would.