Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our little girl...

Here is a glimpse into the first weeks of Eilidh's life.  She is surrounded by love, and we are so thankful!

Happy and full :)

Burrito baby

Grandmommy and Grandpa took the boys on adventures during their time with us.  They both loved it!  Here is a pic of Caleb on the bus with Grandmommy.  Too much fun deserves a nap!

Three generations

Look at me, Mom!

Happy with Grandpa

Sweet Pea

One week old.  On our way to a friend's wedding.

Grandpa took the boys to Reelig Glen.  They had a blast exploring.  Grandpa, you're amazing to brave exploring with these two and catching them when they JUMP! :)

I'm a big girl in jeans.


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