Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dan is officially crawling!

While in Colorado Dan started to crawl just a bit. He would keep his head down and scoot a few inches. BUT, at 9 months of age he is now officially crawling all over the place. He gets so excited when he sees something that he wants and chuckles as he makes his way over to it. In this instance, we enticed Dan with a banana...his new favorite. He is also very interested in pulling up on things all over the house. He hasn't quite figured that out though...soon!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Colorado Family Pics!

Here we are! This is the growing Coutant fam...we're up to 8!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Coutants in Estes Park

We left the Fergusons in Colorado Springs and made our way to Estes Park to meet up with my family for the week. Dan was so excited to see Grandpa, Grandmommy, Uncle Jason, Aunt Laura, and Katy. I captured a "polo moment" with Dan and Grandpa...couldn't resist.

We stayed in a great house while in Estes Park. In the afternoons, Dan usually found his way into the sink for some fun in the water. He was so cute in there!

We all spent alot of time on this fabulous porch. We had a view to the mountains and the weather was wonderful. Dan and I had fun one afternoon...I even got some sweet hugs.

We all enjoyed venturing into town. Here we stopped for a lunch break by a fountain.

One morning we drove up to Bear Creek for a hike with the little ones. Dan waited with Daddy for the shuttle to pick us up.

Bear Creek. Joe found his way out to this rock.

Our family.

Dan loved the "hike".

We took a cable car up to the top of a mountain. There were alot of chipmunks to feed. Daddy and Dan found quite a comfy spot to feed and observe them.

A view from the top. Jason and Joe are great with the kiddos.

On the way up! What do you see Dan???

We had such a good time escaping the heat and spending time with all of the family in Colorado. We miss you all so much!!!

Colorado Springs

After leaving Ohio, we headed to Colorado to visit the wonderful Fergusons before meeting up with the Coutants in Estes Park! Aunt Addie, Uncle Jeromy, Lucie and little Jeromy were tons of fun.
In this pic, Lucie enjoyed her new apron that we had fun making one afternoon.

On Saturday morning we all headed to the Colorado Springs farmers market. It was absolutely wonderful! In addition to the fabulous produce and fresh baked goods, the kiddos loved dancing to the music with bubbles! Here Aunt Addie danced with Dan...so fun!

Lucie and Dan were fascinated with the music and observed all the dancing with delight.

Picnic time with Gra-Mere. Yum-O!

Sweet Lucie.

Selt portrait of Aunt Anna and Lucie

Many afternoon were spent outside on the deck at the Fergusons. The littles loved the pool. Here Dan is "feeling his oats" as he plays with his very own spoon! :)

More pool time fun!

We also made our way to a great park not far from the house. Daddy and Dan had a blast.

Dan and little Jer loved the wood chips....yummy.

Want some???

Our visit with the Fergusons was wonderful!