Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm so funny!

Dan recently thought it was the funniest thing for me to mimic the bell on his toy. I just had to capture it on video. It amazes me sometimes to see what tickles his funny bone!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Let it snow!

St. Andrews was covered in snow yesterday! We loved it! Despite the fact that we are in Scotland, it really doesn't snow very often here. If it does, it usually doesn't stick. So we were thrilled with the few sticky inches. Joe took this picture as he was leaving for class. I love it because you can see his reflection in our front window as well as Dan and my faces inside peering out. This is how we send Daddy off every day.
We finally have a few pictures of Joe's campus. This is the front gate to St. Mary's campus.

This is a random pic of our walk to town along the Kinnesburn creek (not sure if creek is the right word???)

This is St. Mary's Quad covered in snow and decorated with a massive snowman!

I tried to take a picture out our back window on our snowy day, but my flash got in the way. You can still see a bit of my view though...beautiful!

Our Favorite Pastimes!

Dad now loves to help mommy in the kitchen. I chop, mix, and saute while Dan, well....eats, eats, and eats! Haha...that's my growing boy!

Here are my boys doing what they love best...reading!

Dan is learning to appreciate and play with others. Here he is with a precious little friend. This playdate became one big Cheerio-fest!!!

Dan now loves to look out our front window. We have a bus stop right outside our house, so he lights up each time he sees a bus drive by.

Nothing like an early morning gaze out front.