Friday, July 30, 2010

Au Revoir Paris!

On our last evening in Paris with Gramere, we headed to Les Marais district. We had a great time exploring. We found some fun parks and beauty all over!

Tunnel boy....

On our way through Les Marais we found this! Dan actually rode this exact ride last year and he loved it again.

Our evening ended at a park where the boys played with sand!

Gramere with sweet Caleb.

On one of her many adventures, Margot found one of the best French onion soups that Paris has to offer. On one of our last days, we decided to all go back with her to taste for was amazing! I had never had the kind of soup with cheese on top and bread inside. I loved it! What made it even better was the quaint, quiet location of our restaurant. It sat on a hill in Montmarte and was one of our most memorable evenings together.

Our restaurant

The view...

Very happy with a fabulous evening.

Baby meets baguette :)

We've had a wonderful time in Paris. We said goodbye to Gramere this morning and we leave tomorrow bright and early. We're headed to see some good friends for a few days and then we're back in Kitarlity.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gramere fun!

Peek-a-boo Gramere! She makes the best tents!

Gramere and Dan in Montmarte...the area is beautiful!


Here are some pictures of my family's visit to Paris that I didn't get the opportunity to post.

All the kiddos with Grandpa and Grandmommy.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa! The day that my family left was my dad's birthday.

Granda taught Katy and Dan to build sand castles. They were really impressed and inspired! (Yes, that is yellow underwear that my son is wearing...NOT a proper speedo...probably just as bad, but hey, we're in Europe!)

Rainy cute!

Rough housing with Uncle Joe!


Fun at a Parisian park

Katy and a french friend at the park :)

Yesterday we spent the afternoon running around the Louvre gardens. Here is Caleb at his perch in the gardens.

Water break.

Here comes Daddy and the boys.

If you look hard you can see Joe and Dan running around chasing a big green balloon. Both had so much fun.

Our attempt at a picture by the Eiffel Tower at night. We had a fun dinner date that ended with wine at this site at a park under the Eiffel Tower...what a memory!

Big boy!

Carrot boy!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We're still here with Gramere!!!

Welcome to Paris Gramere!!!! I'm sorry that it's taken me a while to blog the last week+. Soon after my family's departure, Joe's mom (Gramere) arrived and we're having a fabulous time with her!

Here we are in Montmarte...a beautiful area of Paris on the edge of the city. It is so different from other areas with its hills, small streets, houses, and of course Sacre Couer (cathedral).

Dan loves instruments. We found this violin player and Dan received a special serenade.

Aunt Eugenie, this is just for you! We found this store in Montmarte and couldn't resist.

One must chase the pigeons in Paris :)

On one of our many adventures. This was taken in the gardens of the Palace Royale.

A FABULOUS dinner of French cheese, wine, and more! We've had alot of fun experimenting with the cuisine here.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

More happenings....

I took Katy and Dan to the toddler pool and sandbox in Luxembourg Gardens while others toured the city a bit more. They had a blast!

Caleb at the pool

We all took a boat tour though Paris. It was fun to see so much from a different angle/view.

Katy on the boat.

How we cross the streets of Paris :)

Our last dinner with my family. We went to a cafe right down the street from us. Dinner out with 4 kiddos can be quite a circus at times, but the people at this cafe were great and we enjoyed one last night out together.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Arc de Triomphe

We made it to the Arc de Triomphe yesterday. This is it! Our whole crew together for a family picture. We had a fun picnic at the bottom of the arc and then walked the Champs Elysees. Fun day.

Jason and Joe consulting the map.

Playtime around the bottom of the arc.

After our adventur at the Arc de Triomphe, our boys were wiped out. Dan has never ever fallen asleep like this before. He hardly ever falls asleep while we are out and about, so this was surprising to say the least and so sweet. Here we are with our sleeping boys.

Our little family....aren't our boys getting big?!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Yesterday we took the older kids to Disneyland Paris and had a blast.


Katy and Dan were so cute and excited to take a look around.

Jason, Laura and Katy in their teacup.

Flying Dumbos....awesome!

Ben an Jerry's was absolutely perfect! The ice cream break was needed and appeciated by all.

Katy was taking a break in true style.

This was just too cute. A short parade with fun music passed us and I caught Joe and Dan waving to Goofy.

And this is what happens when 2.5 year olds are WORN OUT after a full morning at Disneyland.

On the train home. Dan's last wish before leaving was a ''bear sucker''. I think it lasted a full hour :)