Thursday, January 24, 2008

Daniel's Baptism

We were so blessed to have so much family in Waco for Daniel's baptism. My parents, Aunt Nan and Uncle Jerry from Alaska, and Aunt Gail and Uncle Jim from Krum were all here. It was truly a special day.

Daniel loved being in Aunt Nan's arms!

Dan's two favorite spots: sleeping in his sling, and playing in his bouncy chair. Can't top that!

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Rusty or Melodie said...

Rusty: Ridley, what do you want to say Daniel?
Ridley: What's he doing?
Rusty: He's just sitting there.
Ridley: Where's his car? Did he drive it somewhere? Where's Daniel?
Rusty: He's at church.
Ridley: Can I watch Arfur? Where's Arfur (cartoon)

Anyway, we love ya'll and think Daniel is in near competition with Petey's cuteness.

R for the fam