Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello and Goodbye to Ohio

Together with Daddy again!!!!

Dan was so happy to be reunited with Joe after being separated for two and a half weeks! Joe went to Columbus, Ohio for a month-long seminar for teachers on literature from Chaucer to Milton. Dan and I stayed in Tulsa for the first part of his seminar and recently came to Columbus for the last week and a half of the seminar. We're SO happy to be back together as a family again.
There is a fabulous park and pool by our apartment and we have been going there daily. Dan loves to be outside. Here are some shots of him hanging out by the pool. (Dan is 8 months old now.)

This picture was taken in an old German town in Columbus. It is complete with German bakeries, houses, and accents. There was a wonderful park in the middle of it and Dan loved the fluffy, soft grass.
We are saying goodbye to Ohio tomorrow and making our way to Covington, Louisiana to be with Joe's family. We've enjoyed our time and adventures in Columbus. This is the summer of travels!


Krystal said...

Hi Anna! I love all the pics...your lil boy is soo cute and you look just beautiful! How fun to go to Scotland!

Crystal Rains said...

My dear friend!
I forgot about your blog until today, and it is SO good to see you and your precious little family. Ohio looks beautiful! I will get updated here more often now. :) I hope to hear from you soon... love you friend!

Holly Fish said...

The picture of Dan in the clover makes me want to scream. He is so cute! I need a hug!