Monday, November 17, 2008

The Big UNO!!!!

Happy Birthday Dan!!!! On November 8th, Dan turned one! We started the day off right with a birthday breakfast, complete with birthday muffin and of course ONE candle :) Here Dan anxiously awaits his exciting treat.

Yum! Dan managed to jam as much muffin as possible into his little chipmunk cheeks. Ha!

We decided to give him his presents early. It took him a bit to open them, but he got the hang of it.

"That's right,, rip, rip!!"

Hurray! That's a boy...keep ripping!

Dan with some of his birthday bounty.

What's a birthday without some banana?!

"I'm one!" Enough said.

Look at our big boy! I can hardly believe it. At one, Dan is close to walking but not quite there. He has started to experiment more with repeating our words. We have heard him say apple, doggie, cheese, eye, diaper, cat, and even an attempt at gorilla! He loves the outdoors and loves music. If you sing or play music for Dan he will dance right along. He has six teeth now and a full head of golden hair. We feel so blessed to have him in our lives!


MelanieAnne said...

Aw!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Maegan said...

Happy Birthday Dan! I can't believe he is talking so much! That's so fun. Wish we could see you so Dan and Kyrie could play together.

Angela said...

Yeah Dan! He is so cute! We sure do miss you guys!

Mollie said...

Oh, Anna! I can't believe he's one already!!! How did that happen!!! One of these days I'll be near my phone when you call!!! Oh! We have Skype so we should try it one day!!! Miss you lots!