Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chester, England!!!

During our visit with Joe and Reba, we took a three day trip to Chester, England where Joe ("Big" Joe) lived for a few years growing up. We had a fabulous time!!! The town is absolutely beautiful.

Chester is still surrounded by the original Roman walls. Here we are walking on top of the Roman walls.

The River Dee.

We stopped and took a break at one of the many tea rooms. The one we chose had a great atmosphere and we enjoyed our tea on the third floor.

Chester is full of quaint tudor architecture. You can also see the "rows" here. These are walkways raised up above street level with entrances to shops, etc.

Joe, Reba, and Joe were able to go visit his old home just outside of town. He is Joe at "Bridge Farm Cottage".

The house.

Inside "Bridge Farm Cottage".

We stayed in the fabulous Chester Grosvenor Hotel. It was such a treat and we all loved it!

Play time in the hotel with Grandpa.

Reba and Joe before dinner in the hotel.

Back home in St. Andrews.

Post-Christmas fun :)

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Mollie said...

Looks like you had a great time!!!