Friday, May 15, 2009

Highland Adventure!

Here we are! Margot has come for a visit and we decided to take a trip up into the Highlands of Scotland. This is my favorite picture of the trip. We are at the castle of Aeleon Donan which is set very close to the entrance of the Isle of Skye. We rented a car and drove to our hearts content. We couldn't have asked for a better vacation and adventure!

Our first destination in the Highlands was Inverness. Our time there was wonderful. Our main activities included a visit to Loch Ness and Joe's former home of Dingwall. Both were so much fun to see.

After our time in Inverness, we made our way to the Isle of Skye. It is known for some of the most magnificent views and scenery in the world. We stayed the night in Kyle of Lochalsh and loved our time there.

Before we left the Isle of Skye, we made our way to Plockton. We happened to catch it on the most beautiful day we had had yet. All I can say is that we enjoyed it to the fullest. Joe and Dan skipped rocks in the water. We were amazed by the way the clouds reflected in the water.


Christine said...

I am so jealous of everyone that is going to visit y'all! Looks like y'all are having a wonderful time...

Amelie Miltenberger said...

How fun! I miss you guys!