Saturday, July 18, 2009

Picnics, Bubbles, and Tractors!

This summer has been so much fun here in St. Andrews. The weather has been wonderful and we've been soaking it up! We've had numerous picnics at St. Mary's in town. Apples seem to always be a park :)
Dan has a fun camera face these days. If I ask him to smile for a pic, he says, "Cheese!" and gives a big goofy grin. I caught him with lots of bubbles in the bathtub the other day. Bubbles have become a favorite of his.
Another favorite of Dan's these days is tractors. He LOVES them! Dan woke up from a nap the other day to find a tractor/digger right outside our house. We rushed him outside and to our surprise the workers told us to go ahead and put Dan inside. I ran in to grab the camera to catch the moment. Dan has talked about tractors non-stop since!

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Mollie said...

Look at all those teeth! Dan is such a big boy now!!! So sweet that he got to sit in the tractor!