Friday, October 2, 2009


A few weeks ago, the youth from our church went on a Saturday trip to "Landmark". It is a smaller adventure park for kids. It has trails, towers, water slides, ropes course elements, and lots of playground equipment. We all went along and had a wonderful day. We loved getting to know the youth better, and I don't think Dan's eyes could get any bigger than when he saw the huge slide awaiting him.

That's our "D-man!"

There are a good number of middle school age girls that come to church. They have been so sweet to Dan and he is soaking it up! Here he is with Stephanie on the cars. "More, more!" were Dan's demands.

Before we ended the day at Landmark, Joe decided to climb the huge pole and jump! He did great and all the kids were really excited to see him do it. You can barely see him, but that's him up there.

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