Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Little Monkey

Dan has become our little monkey in more ways than one. He loves to make animal noises and loves even more to climb all over the place. If it's possible, he'll try to climb it. Here is Dan's debut as an impersonator.

Sunrise, Sunrise....

It's Saturday morning here and we rushed out again to catch a gorgeous sunrise. Dan was a little confused, but loved it. He kept pointing to the sky in excitement. The sky is a new love of his as he now points out the sun, moon and stars. Here are the boys on our path to the sea.

Here we are on the beach. We grabbed some muffins for the road and enjoyed the sunrise. We were amazed to see the reflection of the sky on the seashore.

It's happening!

Dan is taking more and more steps these days. We caught a couple here. Since this video there have been a few times that we turn around and Dan is standing in the middle of the room. He's getting better and better! Life is about to change! :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Look at me!!!

We caught Dan in extreme excitement the other night as he realized his ability to stand on his own. As seen, he started excitedly letting go (of our vacuum cleaner) and waiting for praise and excitement to errupt. It was adorable. What was even more fun was the fact that he took his first steps just minutes later!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


One of Dan's favorite books these days is "Goodnight Moon". He always points out the moon and the red balloon. Here is my attempt at catching him in action. Alas, the camera was too exciting :)

P.S. Please excuse post-snack crums on his face!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scottish Sunrise

The other morning Joe looked at our blinds and wondered why they were purple. He openned them up to see THIS! This picture was taken right in front of our house. We quickly bundled Dan up and walked to the beach for a better view. It was stunning.

Almost there!

This video is a glimpse into Dan's efforts to walk. He's so close but not quite ready to let go! He's been learning so many new things and seems to understand so much of what we say to him. I'm constantly amazed.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chester, England!!!

During our visit with Joe and Reba, we took a three day trip to Chester, England where Joe ("Big" Joe) lived for a few years growing up. We had a fabulous time!!! The town is absolutely beautiful.

Chester is still surrounded by the original Roman walls. Here we are walking on top of the Roman walls.

The River Dee.

We stopped and took a break at one of the many tea rooms. The one we chose had a great atmosphere and we enjoyed our tea on the third floor.

Chester is full of quaint tudor architecture. You can also see the "rows" here. These are walkways raised up above street level with entrances to shops, etc.

Joe, Reba, and Joe were able to go visit his old home just outside of town. He is Joe at "Bridge Farm Cottage".

The house.

Inside "Bridge Farm Cottage".

We stayed in the fabulous Chester Grosvenor Hotel. It was such a treat and we all loved it!

Play time in the hotel with Grandpa.

Reba and Joe before dinner in the hotel.

Back home in St. Andrews.

Post-Christmas fun :)