Sunday, June 27, 2010

Caleb's Baptism

Our sweet Caleb was baptized today. We had a special service at 3pm and a minister from Inverness came to Kiltarlity for the occasion. It was such a blessing. We had prayed that many of our friends from outside our church would come...and they did! This was such a special day for Caleb and our family and it was so nice to share it with so many.

Here we are all are with the minister who baptized Caleb.

Dan and his friend, Honor, sat here for ages with their treats after the service.

Here are a few pics of those who came. We all had lots of ''eats'' and tea afterwards. The service was actually held in the village hall since our church is currently under renovation.


Holly said...

Congrats, Caleb! Anna, your hair looks amazing!

Watkins said...

Congratulations. Baptisms are so wonderful. Many blessings to your dear sweet Caleb. I pray that he will know how much he is loved by God and by the people of God! Every Blessing! Emily

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe and Anna. This is Justin Rose from Baylor. Joe may I have your e-mail address again. Mine is