Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snowy days in Kiltarlity

We barely made it back to Kiltarlity in time for Sunday morning's service, but we're here and loving the snow from our home base. Here are a few photos of our snowy day activities. First, the boys LOVED ''sledging'' on the drive up to our house. I thought they were precious on it all together. The boys also took to playing ''train'' in a box and laundry basic. Caleb was the caboose and Dan made sure that they had all the supplies needed for the journey.

Finally, the biggest hit recently was making a gingerbread house. Dan is SO proud of it! After we finished he asked Joe multiple times, ''Daddy, you want to come look at my gingerbread house with me?'' I'm not sure if the enthusiasm is for the artistic accomplishment or for the hope of eating it later :) We had alot of fun over two days making the gingerbread itself, then constructing and decorating. I definitely recommend this project for those with 3 year olds (and older!).

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