Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt!

Here is my delayed post of our first Easter egg hunt with Dan. As I mentioned, we had a friend and her mother over to hunt with us. Here they are hunting away. It was fun to get to rejoice over each and every egg :) From what Joe tells me, this stage won't last long and the scurried frenzy of hunting the precious eggs will commence soon enough. This video is a bit long, but hope you enjoy seeing their enthusiasm as well as a glimpse into our home.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cute as cute can be!

Rainy Day...

Rainy days sometimes keep us inside here, but sometimes they are the perfect opportunity for some puddle jumping! Here is a look at my adventure with Dan just the other day.

Off he goes.

He's ready for some more puddles!

Rules of puddle jumping: 1) Run as fast as you can 2) Jump as high as you can 3) Stomp as hard as you can...optimal splash!


Then, we saw a digger! Of course a little boy MUST stop and watch a digger for as long as it is working. Any time it stopped, Dan said, ''He might turn it back on!'' in hopeful anticipation.

All in all, pure delight!

Our Easter

Our family had a wonderful Easter this year. On the Saturday before Easter we had some friends over for an Easter egg hunt. Dan and I died the eggs ahead of time (of course) and had a great time doing it. It was a bit of an experiment since you can only get brown eggs here. I wasn't convinced that brown plus Easter colors would result in pretty eggs, but viola! It did! They were much deeper colors than your typical Easter pastels, but I thought they looked great and Dan was very proud of them. On Saturday morning we made fresh cinnamon rolls and prepared for our guests. Here are the boys in excited anticipation!

On Easter Sunday we had a wonderful church service in the morning, a lazy afternoon, and then dear friends over for an Easter meal. Our meal this year was....drumroll....mutton! Yes, I never thought that I'd actually be preparing mutton in my lifetime, but a couple in our church gave us a nice leg of mutton some time ago. We had been saving it for a special occasion. I used an overnigt marinade an honestly, it was fantastic!!! We all loved it! Bring on the mutton! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Whin Park

Today, we spent the day in Inverness. Our day began in this wonderful park, Whin Park. Dan had a fabulous time and so did we! We played and played and then had a picnic lunch.


Yes, this slide is as big as it's HUGE!!! Dan goes up and down all by himself and is so proud. We are too :)

Feeding the ducks.

Chasing the ducks!

Admiring the boats...

Caleb's first swing!

This is what Caleb did most of our time at the park :)

Some good ol' rock throwin'!