Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

We had a great Christmas this year. Here are some pictures from our morning. Later in the day, we went to a church family's home for a FABULOUS meal! The boys had fun openning, we had the traditional Coutant Christmas breakfast, and Mommy loved putting the boys' new matching robes and clothes on them :)

Caleb is walking!

Just before Christmas, Caleb decided to start walking. It was so perfect to us that he took his first steps with a book in hand. He LOVES books and I think it was his desire for Mommy to read the book that made him forget what he was doing and start walking :) He's still very unsteady on his feet, but oh so fun to watch. We also caught his other favorite...animals and the noises they make. I love this!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Pic

We just had some friends over for Saturday morning breakfast and they took a rare picture of all four of us :)

Snowy days in Kiltarlity

We barely made it back to Kiltarlity in time for Sunday morning's service, but we're here and loving the snow from our home base. Here are a few photos of our snowy day activities. First, the boys LOVED ''sledging'' on the drive up to our house. I thought they were precious on it all together. The boys also took to playing ''train'' in a box and laundry basic. Caleb was the caboose and Dan made sure that they had all the supplies needed for the journey.

Finally, the biggest hit recently was making a gingerbread house. Dan is SO proud of it! After we finished he asked Joe multiple times, ''Daddy, you want to come look at my gingerbread house with me?'' I'm not sure if the enthusiasm is for the artistic accomplishment or for the hope of eating it later :) We had alot of fun over two days making the gingerbread itself, then constructing and decorating. I definitely recommend this project for those with 3 year olds (and older!).

Snow in St. Andrews

Well, we all went to St. Andrews for two weeks at the end of November for Joe to get some work done. We never thought that we'd see our first snow of the winter while there! It snowed ALOT! When I look at this picture of Dan and Caleb in the stroller all I can do is laugh! It was so cold that we put Joe's wool sweater over Dan's coat and many other layers. Ha! I laughed the whole walk to town and laugh more when I saw people grin at the sight of him :)

We also celebrated Thanksgiving while there with some American friends. The moms are missing in this picture, but here is our Thanksgiving crew.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010