Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Birthday Boys!

Well, we now officially have a big THREE year old and FIVE year old in the house!  Here is a glimpse at our family celebrations this year.  The boys each got to choose what they wanted for breakfast and dinner.  It was fun to make what they chose.  Inbetween their birthdays (they are so close) we had a family style birthday party with two church families.  The boys put in a special request for a castle cake.  Mama did my best, and they seemed pleased :)

Caleb requested homemade bagels for his birthday breakfast.  He also chose to place his birthday band-aid smack dab in the middle of his forehead. (I know this won't make sense to some, but Caleb loves band-aids, so I told him he could put one anywhere he wanted simply because it was his birthday, no wound to be found! :) We love you, sweet boy!


Birthday dinner: pepperoni pizza and pumpkin cake

I'm strong!

New toys!

Eilidh at 5 1/2 months enjoying the celebrations too.

A castle cake for my boys...so fun to make!

Many special requests came along with the excitement this year.  Both boys wanted to have their faces painted for the party.  Zorro and tough tiger made another appearance this night.

Happy Birthday to you!

Dan is FIVE!  He asked for eggs, bacon and scones...yum!

So happy!!!

I'm five!!!  It's hard to believe that Dan is really five.  This seems like such a milestone to me.  He is such a sweet boy and we are so thankful for him.

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