Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Scotland Update

I realized after posting our last blogs that some people reading them may not know why we are headed to Scotland. SOOOO...here is a brief update on all that we will be doing:

Joe will be part of a one year masters progrom in theology at St. Andrews University in Scotland. His specific degree will be in Theological Interpretation of Scripture. Going to St. Andrews has always been a dream and we are thrilled that the Lord has paved the way for us to go! Joe's first semester does not start until the end of Septemeber, so we will not be leaving until mid September. We will, however, be leaving Waco this Friday for a summer of MANY travels. We were very happy to find someone to rent our home in Waco for a year, so we decided to spend this summer with family. In addition, Joe will be spending a month in Columbus, Ohio completing a program funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities in which he will study literature from Chaucer to Milton. Dan and I will join him for half of his time there. In a nutshell here is our summer: first to Tulsa, then Ohio, then Louisiana, then back to Texas to fly to Scotland. It's going to be quite crazy and lots of fun!

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Angela said...

Hi Anna,
We are thrilled for your family! We will miss you but look forward to hearing all about your adventures! Kiss little Dan for us!