Friday, June 27, 2008

We're in Tulsa!

Dan is having a blast in Tulsa! He is sitting up like a pro now and he is getting more and more curious about everything around him. Lately his favorite thing to do is sit in front of a basket full of toys (and random household items) and pull them out one by cute!

Dan is also eating more solid food these days. He loves Grandmommy's highchair and feels like such a big boy in it.

Last Saturday we went to Savoy Restaurant for cinnamon rolls with Grandmommy and Grandpa. Dan had so much fun and talked with lots of people in the restaurant.


MelanieAnne said...

Dan is so precious, Anna! Such a cutie pat-tootie!!! Miss you already!

Mollie said...

Glad you're enjoying your time at your parents! It's just not the same here without you!!! Know that you're missed!!!

Kierlee Shaver said...

I am sooooooooooo excited that you are here! My Daniel wants to meet your Daniel! Please call me!
299-7584 or email:
We can't wait to see you.
Kierlee Shaver