Saturday, September 13, 2008

Traveling Boy!!

It has been a fabulous summer. We have been all over the place and have loved our time with so much family! We're preparing to leave for Scotland in just a few days and can't believe the the time is so near. Here are some pics of Dan during our time in Covington and Texas.

While in Covington, Dan discovered the glorious taste of watermelon. After a prolonged delight in the sweet fruit and not-so-sweet rind, Dan shows off his FOUR teeth :) Check out those cheeks!


In Texas, Dan started pulling up on things to get a better look. Here he is at Horseshoe Bay checking things out.

Coasters make great toys!

We stopped through Waco and stayed with our friends Jeff and Holly. Dan and their daughter Margot were so happy to be together again.

Dan and Margot on the move!

Dan has mastered crawling and has even learned how to dance. When he hears music or sees Mom and Dad demonstrating how, he bobs up and down to the beat. Ha!

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MelanieAnne said...

Dan is such a handsome boy with beautiful skin!! I miss you guys! Can't believe you were so close here in Waco. Maybe that day I happened to be missing you extra cause I felt you near! LOL!