Friday, October 10, 2008

We're here!!! Tea anyone???

Yes, we are safe and sound in our new home in St. Andrews, Scotland. We arrived three weeks ago and are loving learning so much about our new surroundings. I'm sorry for the delay in postings, but one of our first lessons was how to deal with phone/internet companies here. Ha! Have you ever heard of renting a phone line??? Well, apparently that's what one must do here, THEN you can set up everything else. Our life does indeed include alot of warm tea here. I understand now why it is such a vital part of British culture. When it is so cold outside, nothing sounds better than a warm mug in your hand.

Here is a brief recap of our trip and arrival. We left Dallas full of excitement. We weren't sure how little Dan would do on the plane but, all in all, he did just fine. He basically partied through the night, but a party was much better than a tantrum so we were happy to play with him. The drive from Edinburgh to St. Andrews was simply "brilliant" (as they say here). As we approached our new little town, it was hard to believe that it was really going to be our home. St. Andrews is one of the quaintest towns I have ever seen. The cobble stone roads, ancient ruins, and beautiful beaches are just a few of the things that make it so unique.

After a few days, we began to feel more at home (and rested). Joe has now started classes and we are figuring out our daily routines. It is just about a 10-15 minute (10 for Joe, 15 for me and Dan) walk to town, so getting around is very easy and fun. It's amazing how much walking your life involves when you walk everywhere you go!

We've met some wonderful people and are starting to build relationships here. There is a wonderful community of St. Mary's (Joe's specific Divinity School) wives that I have gotten to know, and LOTS of babies. Dan will fit right in.

Well, I have so much more to tell but I know it will come out in more postings. So, here is a video of Dan at dinner time here (for some reason the program is not letting me post pictures...more to come). He has adjusted really well to life here. I was surprised how quickly he adapted to the new time zone, surroundings, etc.! Thank you so much to all of you for your love and support. We miss you all!

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Froislands said...

Hello! I'm a mom of 4 (under 4) trying to find a mentor to guide us through our move to St. Andrews! My husband will be applying to attend Fall 2012. I've left messages with a couple of other American-mommy-bloggers who have spouses that attend St andrews, but haven't heard back yet. My email is if you wouldn't mind connecting with me! Thanks!