Friday, October 10, 2008

Out and about in St. Andrews!

Here is our home. We love it! It is what we call a duplex, but what is called a "semi-detached home" here :) Our neighbors are great and the beach is really close. I love the red ivy and will be sad when the leaves fall. We have room for visitors...make plans for a trip!!!

Just one block behind our house is a beautiful park. Dan loves to swing and so far we have gone just about every day.

We headed to the "West Sands" Beach (we live by the "East Sands") one weekend. Here, Daddy and Dan are enjoying a banana-sand combo.

A view of the town from the beach. This is the beach where "Chariots of Fire" was filmed.

Dan loves the water and especially the seagulls! He looks up right away when he hears one.

This was taken in the heart of the town in Church Square. The library, a fun bakery and the church where John Knox preached are all just a few steps away from this spot.


Maegan said...

So good to hear from you and get an update. I have been praying for you. It sounds like yall are settling in wonderfully. And oh I do wish we could come visit (Mark is on a quest for a book located in Scotland so I may have an actual chance)! Looking forward to more updates

Mollie said...

So cool!!! LOVE the "house"! I really hope it works out for us to come visit! We're keeping it in mind!!!Love ya'll!!! And miss you!