Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Walk to Remember

It's a beautiful Saturday here and we started the day with a walk through a part of St. Andrews that we had not seen. The walk is entitled "Lade Brae's Walk" and it passes through the back side of town and takes its travelers along a brook, beautiful homes, and fanciful parks for the "wee ones". The first two pictures below are taken of some of the views while we were still in the heart of the town.

At one of the parks, we saw our friends and the dads took our littles on the horsie. Our friends joined us for the rest of our walk...we had alot of fun getting to know them better amongst beautiful scenery.

This spot was our destination and the end of our walk. It truly was picturesque.

What's full Saturday without some rough play with Daddy at the end?

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