Monday, October 27, 2008

Hiya Grandpa and Grandmom!!!

My mom and dad came for a visit to St. Andrews and we had such a great time. Dan LOVED having them here and I feel like we saw so much. To start things off, we had high tea at our house. I had so much fun making the menu. It was as follows: scones (of course), oatcakes and brie, chicken salad sandwiches, vegetable plate with tzatziki (not exactly scotish), fruit plate with yogurt dip, chocolate spice cookies, and tea! We had a great time and it was a fun way to welcome them to our home.

Dan had lots of time in Grandpa and Grandmom's laps. This photo captures one of these precious moments.
On the Monday after they got here, we took a road trip to Perth. We stayed in a fabulous old Scottish home outside of Perth, close to Scone (procounced "Sk-oo-n"). This is a picture of the view that we had right outside our hotel...absolutely beautiful!

Here is Grandmom with Dan in front of the hotel, Murrayshall. We had an amazing dinner of the most formal and elegant I have ever had!

We visited Scone Castle while there. The grounds were gorgeous (we even accidentally had a view of the grounds that were off limits to ordinary visitors like us..oops! :)

Later in the week, we all headed to Edinburgh. Our hotel was situated right below the breathtaking Edinburgh Castle. Here's our group at the top of the hill, in front of the castle.

Dan was a trooper as he viewed everything from Daddy's back! He was so cute and excited!

And of course, the excitement usually leads to...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I just had to capture this nap on film, because it was raining and we faced some of the strongest winds ever! They closed down the castle after we left because the winds were no longer safe. All the while, Dan slept...that's my boy!

A close up of the drool and precious sleeping babe.

We said goodbye to Grandpa and Grandmom in Edinburgh. This is the morning that they left. We had such a wonderful time and hated to see them go! We love you!!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!

Grandmom had to get in one last blubber...priceless!

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Mollie said...

Too much fun!!! I love that Dan was asleep in spite of the weather!!! Brrrrrr...