Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Coastal Path to Fish and Chips!

Last Saturday we took a bus to a small fishing village called St. Monans. It is right on the coast and about 2.5 miles from another fishing village, Anstruther. The coastal path to walk from one to the other is absolutely beautiful! We started our day early with a fish and chips lunch in Anstruther in mind (the restaurant there has received all kinds of awards for their fish and chips). Dan was rearing to go and would have tried to hike himself if we had let him. However, he got so interested in the small ledges in a parking lot that he went back and forth, and back and forth, and....well, you get the idea. So up in the backpack he went not knowing that there were plenty of coastal playgrounds in his future! On our walk, we passed through one other coastal town, Pittenween (love the names here!). Notice all of the colorful homes on the coast. We reached Anstruther just in time for lunch and boy, fish and chips has never tasted so good. We were all exhausted, but had a blast!

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