Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, Dan and I just returned from a three week adventure to Tulsa. We had such a good time. One word sums up our trip: family. It was great! We saw lots of Jason, Laura and Katy. Dan loved following Katy around and Katy loved giving lots of hugs. They really were cute together. Here are the three of must have been right after nap or before bed.

We had even more family come in for a long weekend. My Aunt Gail, Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Nan and Uncle Jerry came for three nights and it was so much fun to see them! Here are some of us on a beautiful day at the park. Shorts, can you believe it?!!! We haven't seen those since, well, August!
Katy up on Daddy's shoulders. Too cute.

I thought it was precious to see Dan walking with Aunt Nan. What a pair!

Dan and! Well, getting them to smile at the same time was definitely easier said than done.

My big boy in Grandmommy's kitchen.

The Zoo!!! We made it to the zoo and Dan loved it. It was his first time and it was so special to see his eyes light up at all the different animals. Look at my big man on the toroise! So brave :)

We saw a huge chimp right by the window.

Grandmommy and Dan watching a cheetah.

A lion!

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