Friday, April 8, 2011

A Scottish Wedding!

We were so excited that Joe had the opportunity to officiate his first wedding last weekend. A friend, Maria, met a man from Switzerland and this led to a fun, intimate Scottish wedding. It was held at a lodge on the Ness River, and I had so much fun getting to go! The location was absolutely beautiful. The ceremony was held inside the main lodge with a view out to the river. Gorgeous! It was actually a very non-traditional Scottish wedding. Maria wore a blue dress (they usually wear whit here too), welly boots, and her cake was red with white dots and kissing frogs on top :) We were able to leave the boys with good friends in Kiltarlity, so the day was a fun treat for us. Joe did a great job with the ceremony, then it was fun to see all the Swiss in their kilts (they had fun with this too) and meet Maria's friends and family.

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Amy said...

Anna, you look great! Beautiful as always!