Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kirk Club

Yesterday we had our very first ''Kirk Club'' at our church. It is a program for children ages 0-5 on Friday afternoons. We had Bible songs, stories, a craft and a special Easter Egg Hunt to top it all off. Our first one went very well and I'm very encouraged with the turnout. We had 13 children (this includes a couple of small babies) and it was great to have some women that I've been getting to know over the past year inside our new church!

We started Kirk Club with some Bible songs. A woman from our church with two little ones taught us the songs and did a great job!

Joe told the Easter story to the children using pictures to help them understand.


All of the children were so proud and cute about their findings and the Easter baskets that they made!

Caleb after finishing off a mini chocolate Easter egg. He was so messy and so excited about it (doesn't show here) that I couldn't resist a pic.

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