Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tulsa - Skiatook Family Reunion 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Dallas, we headed to Tulsa for a big Barthel Sisters (plus!) family reunion! This includes all my aunts, uncles, and several cousins on my mom's side. My parents just finished a fabulous house on Lake Skiatook, so it naturally became the base for the reunion. We had as many as 30 people at the house each night for dinner. Our family reunions happen every other year at one of the five sister's homes. Each night the sisters take turns cooking a meal to go along with a theme. This year we had a Scottish night, Oklahoma Land Run, Oktoberfest, Easter, and Birthday night. It was absolutely wonderful to see so much family and to get to introduce our boys to some of them for the first time! The boys loved the activity, loved the lake, the boat, the food, and sweet cousins. It was such a precious time. These pictures are fun memories of all we did.

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