Monday, August 24, 2009

Au Revoir Paris!

On our last day, we decided to celebrate our month in Paris by going to a creperie. Joe and I both got our first crepes and fell in love! I think it's maybe a good think that we didn't discover them until our last day because our pocket books and wastelines may have suffered a bit :)

Dan enjoyed a sucker and bites of our crepes and was quite a happy camper. He is very willing to pose for pictures these days....he always bursts out with "Cheeeeeeeeeez!"

One last cute pic of Dan in our bedroom here in Paris. He loves this book and loves the fact that it is warm enough to run around in a diaper!

I don't quite know how to sum up our time here. It has truly been a blessing and we've loved getting to spend so much time in Paris. We've developed routines and feel like we have really gotten to know "our area" here. We head out tomorrow and fly back to Scotland. We will be there for a night and then head straight on to Kiltarlity to start our time there. We are so excited to get settled and see the cottage that will be our home! We'll post pictures soon!


Mollie said...

So fun!!! Miss you.

crystal said...

So good to see you friend!!! I miss you! I am out of town but will call you soon. Love!!

Meghann said...

Random - is Summer Ellis Joe's cousin? Or a friend of yours? I think I met her once or twice back in Waco when she was visiting. It's been years, and I may have this all wrong. Ok, to the point finally - she's being featured here:
So exciting - thought I'd pass it along!