Friday, August 7, 2009

Family Update

I realized that most of you probably know where our family is headed in the coming months, but some of you may not!!! Our time in St. Andrews has been wonderful and such a blessing, but the Lord is moving us to new and exciting places. First of all, we are currently in Paris for a month! Joe received a bursary to live and take intensive French courses here for the month of August. We are having a great time so far and loving all that Paris has to offer. We are living in District 10 with two other families from St. Andrews. Our apartment is great and in such a lively location. Fun bakeries, beautiful sites, parks for Dan AND very close to the Metro. We've been using our afternoons (Joe has class in the mornings) to jump on the metro to see all the different areas of the city. More to come on Paris........

Our other big news is that as soon as we return from Paris, we are moving up into the Highlands of Scotland. Joe has accepted a preaching position at a very small church in Kiltarlity. It is a very small town about 12 miles west of Inverness. Joe will be preaching weekly and continuing with his PhD thesis through the University of St. Andrews. This means that he will sometimes commute weekly to St. Andrews for seminars or meetings with his advisors. We will be living in a cottage provided by the church on an old croft (farm). It is just a half of a mile from the church and "town" (post office and town hall). We can't express how excited we are about this opportunity. We made a trip to Kiltarlity about a month ago and met the church members and got a feel for what would be our new home. We loved it! The people were so kind and welcoming, the cottage was much more than we hoped for, and Joe is thrilled to get to preach. The Highlands of Scotland are absolutely beautiful so we're really looking forward to spending time in another beautiful landscape.

We expect life to be very different in Kiltarlity in comparison to our life in St. Andrews. For starters, we will have a car :) We will still walk to town and church; however, we will do all of our shopping in Inverness or Dingwall. The biggest change will be the addition of our new little one roughly two months after our arrival. We can't wait!

We'd really appreciate all of your prayers as our family makes this big transition. Also, please pray for Kiltarlity and our ministry there. Thank you so much!

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