Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Paris Park Fun

We wandered into this ride the other day and Dan got to ride for the first time! It's an understatement to say that he enjoyed it. He LOVED it! This ride went round and round and up and down. How much fun can an almost 2 year-old have.

Dan is in the background with his car way up, up, up!

Yesterday, Dan and I went back to the Pompidou area and played by this crazy fountain for a whilel. Dan loves fountains and he even made a new friend (one that happened to be playing with a ball :)

Another park adventure included lots of water! Dan used this new toy to spray water all over himself and Daddy :) We've had some fairly hot days here, so this was a fun break from the afternoon heat.

Watermelon is a special treat for us here in Paris. The produce markets near our apartment are amazing! We've loved getting fresh fruit and veggies and on this particular day we took our watermelon to a nearby park and ate to our hearts' content.

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