Friday, August 21, 2009


Our first official family pic in Paris! Joe found another great spot to veiw the Eiffel Tower and we had such a good time. This view really is the best we have seen to appreicate the Tower. There was so much going on in this square atop the beautiful gardens. We watched some dancers and Dan joined right in. This little boy loves music!

Look closely and you'll spot Dan in the bottom left of the picture.

We brought along a wonderful piece of autentic french "Quatre-Qua" (I have no clue how to spell this...pronounced katra-kah). We thought Margot and all of the Miltenbergers would be disappointed if we passed this one up. It was actually very different than the Miltenberger recipe. It was a tall piece of moist cake. The flavors were similar and extremely delicious!

I made it to the Opera House! Joe watched Dan while I went to tour around (Thank you Joe!). I was really excited about seeing the inside and it did not disappoint. I took a few pictures but they all turned out too dark, so this is my proof that I made it!

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